Company Profile

Message of President

At PETRO FERRO DMCC as a creative procurement and service company active in oil, gas and construction industries, we are happy to say that despite the instability in the global economy since 2008, we have remained focused on achieving our strategic targets. Our achievement in increasing our sales volume and expanding our supply range illustrates our desire and commitments towards our principles. We aim to expand our market presence and continue our hard work in markets within the region of GCC countries, Europe a, North & South America and Worldwide. We are actively expanding our supply range through well-established alliances with the suppliers who are committed to be a part of the supply chain. We aim to become our client’s right partner and help them maximize their efficiencies by supplying the right material, at the right time with the feasible price. We acquire ourselves with morality, professionalism and dedication towards what we do. We strive to assure the product is delivered from the manufacturer’s production line to the clients at the right time. We use experience, acquire knowledge and work hard to achieve our main vision, which is provide all services for any nonconformities and follow up to get costumers feedback with terrific teamwork.